Progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal inquiry launch

14 September 2017

The new Exiting the EU Select Committee met for the first time yesterday and agreed to undertake an inquiry into the progress of the negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Chair of the Committee Hilary Benn MP:

"The Brexit negotiations are the most complex our country has ever faced. They are dealing with fundamental questions about the future of our economy and our country. What will our trading relationship with the EU be? Will we still have access to the single market and the skills and labour we need for economic growth?

To what extent will we still co-operate on policing, security and the fight against terrorism and on science, research and the safety of new medicines?

Our first inquiry in this new parliament will scrutinise the progress of these negotiations and the position of the UK Government and our negotiating partners in the EU."

Terms of reference

The Committee is interested in examining the following topics:

  • The priorities and positions of the UK Government and of its negotiating partners - the Commission, the EU-27 and the European Parliament;
  • The structure and sequencing of the negotiations as they develop, including the extent to which they include provisions relating to the UK’s future relationship with the EU including transitional arrangements;
  • The Government’s management of the negotiation process in respect of the objectives set out in the White Paper and its relations with the devolved administrations; and
  • Whether DExEU and cross-Government structures have the capacity and ability to manage the negotiation process effectively.

Further information

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