Committee examine proposals for future UK-EU security relationship

13 November 2018

The Exiting the European Union Committee holds an evidence session as part of its over-arching inquiry examining the progress of the UK's negotiations on EU withdrawal

Brexit impact on security policy development

In this session, the Committee will examine the proposed UK-EU security co-operation, which is intended to underpin the aims and objectives set out in the Prime Minister’s Munich speech of February 2018, and the European Council’s March 2018 negotiating guidelines. Both the UK Government and European institutions have reiterated their shared goal of maintaining a close post-Brexit partnership in relation to security. 

In the first panel of the session, featuring representatives from Chatham House and the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee is expected to focus on foreign and defence policy areas, including the current arrangements, proposals for the future relationship, and where these fit into wider security policy developments. This will be followed by a panel on justice and home affairs, featuring the Centre for European Reform and former Executive Director of Europol, Sir Rob Wainwright.


Wednesday 14 November, Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

From 9.15am

  • Nick Witney, Senior Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations
  • Georgina Wright, Research Associate, Chatham House

From 10.15am

  • Camino Mortera-Martinez, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform
  • Sir Rob Wainwright, former Executive Director, Europol

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