European Union (Withdrawal) Bill inquiry launched

14 September 2017

The Exiting the EU Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry into the EU (Withdrawal) Bill to help to inform Parliament’s consideration of the Bill.

In its scrutiny of the Bill, the Committee is particularly interested in examining the following topics:

  • Whether the Bill adequately addresses the challenges of converting the acquis into UK law and provides for legal certainty on the day that the UK leaves the EU;
  • What provision is made for non-legislative elements of the acquis, such as Court of Justice of the European Union case law and regulatory rulings of the EU agencies;
  • What powers are delegated to Ministers to ensure that the transposition of EU law keeps pace with negotiations on the UK's exit and its future relationship with the EU and whether limitations on those powers are sufficient;
  • What implications the EU (Withdrawal) Bill has for the devolution settlements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; and
  • What implications the EU (Withdrawal) Bill has for the UK’s future relations with EU agencies and future participation in Europe-wide agreements.
  • What implications the EU (Withdrawal) Bill has for rights protected under EU law.

The first evidence hearings scrutinising the Bill are likely to take place in the second week of October and witnesses will be announced in due course.

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