Committee hears from UK and EU citizens ahead of October deadline

02 July 2019

On Wednesday 3 July, the Committee on Exiting the European Union returns with an evidence session focusing on citizens’ rights and the impact of Brexit on EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens in the EU.


In its twelfth report, the Committee highlighted the uncertainty that would be created under any Brexit scenario for UK citizens in the EU and vice versa, placing particular emphasis on the anxiety that a no-deal departure would cause.

Although the Article 50 process has been extended until 31 October, the legal default remains a no deal departure on this date.  

Purpose of the session

In this session, the Committee will hear first from the organisations advising and representing EU citizens living in the UK, followed by representatives of UK citizens living in the Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

In the first panel of the session, the Committee is expected to focus on the roll-out of the Government EU Settlement Scheme, and issues that have arisen since the scheme opened to all eligible applicants on 30 March. It will also consider the impact of a possible no deal departure.

In the second panel, the Committee will then examine how the EU and each Member State are preparing to protect the rights of British citizens living in their country, and what that means for their right to live, work and study, and broader issues such as social security, healthcare, pensions, and family reunion.

The session aims to explore how the measures to protect these may differ if we leave with a deal or without a deal.      

Both panels are expected to be asked about progress on ring-fencing citizens’ rights in the event of no deal and problems experienced by citizens in the UK and across the EU27 when attempting to vote in the recent European Parliament elections.


Wednesday 3 July 2019, Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

From 9.15am:

  • Chris Desira, Director, Seraphus Solicitors
  • Barbara Drozdowicz, CEO, East European Resource Centre
  • Kuba Jablownowski, Researcher, The 3 Million 
  • Luke Piper, Solicitor, South West Law and Adviser, The 3 Million

From approx. 10.15am:

  • Fiona Godfrey, Co-Chair, British in Europe (BiE), Luxembourg (Benelux)
  • Jane Golding, Co-Chair, British in Europe, Germany
  • Kalba Meadows, Member, Steering Committee, British in Europe France
  • Jeremy Morgan QC, Vice-Chair, British in Europe, Italy
  • John Richards, member, Steering Committee, EuroCitizens, Spain

Further information

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