Government should consider EU plastics rules impact on UK industry

13 March 2018

The European Scrutiny Committee has published its weekly report and meeting summary. The Committee warns the Government about post-Brexit impact of new EU plastics rules on UK industry.

Weekly report

Meeting summary

EU Plastics Waste Strategy

The UK government must make sure it is not caught out by future EU rules on plastic waste. So says the European Scrutiny Committee in its weekly report on EU proposals.

The European Commission has proposed a strategy to reduce the amount of plastics in the environment through overarching objectives such as promoting design for recyclability, boosting demand for recycled plastics and reducing single use plastics. The UK government does not believe there are any Brexit implications but the Committee warns that divergent EU and UK rules on, for example, packaging could have an impact on UK industry.

The Committee also notes a degree of similarity between the EU's plans and those set out recently by the Government in its 25 Year Environment Plan and therefore asks the government if there is benefit to identifying, and building on, potential synergies.

Other topics considered

The Committee's report has also considered:

  • Banking reform: risk reduction measures
  • EU Fisheries Control
  • International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Tax avoidance and evasion: disclosure by intermediaries
  • The European Police College: the Government's post-adoption opt-in decision
  • Protecting migrant children
  • The EU's response to the refugee crisis - the creation of "hotspots"

Further information

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