Future EU Law Enforcement Cooperation: Committee calls for further scrutiny

06 March 2018

The European Scrutiny Committee has published its weekly report and meeting summary. The Committee's report draws attention for the need for further Scrutiny in future EU Law Enforcement Cooperation.

Weekly report

Meeting Summary

EU Law Enforcement Cooperation

Last week, the Committee considered the proposals on "Interoperable EU information systems for security, border control and migration management". As a result, the Committee decided that there needs to be further scrutiny on impact of interoperability on the rights of individuals whose data may be held in these information systems (post-exit this will include the data of British citizens).

The Commission has put forward two proposals to make EU security, border and migration information systems fully interoperable so that information on cross-border security threats and irregular migration can be shared more rapidly. The Committee is asking whether ensuring these systems are interoperable will make it easier or harder for the UK to negotiate access to the systems in which it currently participates - the police cooperation parts of the Schengen Information System and the EU's asylum database (Eurodac) - once the UK leaves the EU.

Other topics considered in the report include:

  • Interoperable EU information systems for security, border control and migration management
  • Single European Sky
  • Port reception facilities for waste from ships
  • Import of cultural goods
  • Data Protection and the EU institutions: Proposed Regulation
  • Prudential requirements for investment firms

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