Brexit impact on domestic chemicals, law enforcement and parcel delivery

27 March 2018

The European Scrutiny report highlights some recent European Union documents that have a Brexit related impact for the UK.

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European Chemicals Agency

Potential impact of UK associate membership of  European Chemicals Agency on the UK's flexibility regarding post-Brexit domestic rules on biocidal products, such as disinfectants and insect repellents.

Law enforcement cooperation - EU migration and security databases

The Government should state in clear and unambiguous terms whether it intends the EU's justice and home affairs IT Agency (eu-LISA) and the EU information systems it manages - including the Schengen Information System - to form part of the post-exit treaty on security, law enforcement and criminal justice which the UK wishes to negotiate with the EU.

Cross border parcel delivery services

Non-participation in the EU's cross border parcel delivery regime will have little impact on UK stakeholders. However, leaving the customs union and the single market will potentially lead to customs duties, border formalities, and import VAT being applied to parcel deliveries between the UK and the EU (and vice-versa), which would lead to slower delivery times and increased costs for businesses and consumers.

Other topics considered in the report include:

  • Privacy and Electronic Communications
  • New composition of the European Parliament
  • Second Mobility Package

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