Brexit: European Scrutiny Committee response and consultation

08 July 2016

The European Scrutiny Committee sets out its role, and invites stakeholders to shape the scrutiny process.

The European Scrutiny Committee (ESC) has considered the implications of the outcome of the referendum for its role. Under House of Commons Standing Orders, it is charged with examining European Union documents and reporting those it considers of legal or political importance to the House, and with considering any issue arising from such documents, and related matters.

The Committee welcomed the lively interest other select committees are taking in the Brexit related issues within their respective remits. The rapporteur system means that there are already strong links between the ESC and other Committees.

The Committee is monitoring events, with a view to considering central issues once the new Prime Minister is in place and policy is clearer. Those issues are likely to include:

  • Policy making and co-ordination, and the pivotal role of the Prime Minister in this regard
  • The legal framework for Brexit
  • The timescale for negotiations and exit

In the meantime, the United Kingdom remains a member of the EU, and the Committee is continuing to scrutinise EU documents. In this, it will of course take account of the fact that the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.

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The Committee is inviting comment on the following

  • How should scrutiny adapt to Brexit? What should be subject to scrutiny, and what outcomes would be useful?

In particular, the Committee seeks views on:

  • Should any particular policy areas be subject to increased scrutiny?
  • Are there areas where the Committee should offer a lighter touch?
  • What are the pressing questions the Committee should ask in dealing with individual proposals?
  • How can Committee material be made more accessible and useful to third parties?


The deadline for submissions is Friday 30 September. 

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