Brexit planning should consider ways to continue data exchange with EU

14 March 2017

If the UK is to continue to trade with the EU or to cooperate on law enforcement after it leaves, then we need mechanisms in place beforehand for third-country data transfer, says the European Scrutiny Committee in its weekly report on new EU legislations.

The Committee discusses the Commission's strategy for exchanging and protecting personal data in a globalised world in this week's report. As part of a future trading relationship with the EU after Brexit, or cooperation on law enforcement, the UK will need to exchange data directly with the EU bodies, Member States or through EU databases.

The Government has already said that it seeks an "uninterrupted" and "unhindered" flow of data with the EU after Brexit.

However, the Committee is concerned that it took over two and five years respectively for the EU-US Privacy Shield and EU-US Umbrella Agreement to be put in place. The Government needs to ensure, therefore, that sufficient time is left before UK withdrawal to agree any EU-UK data-sharing instruments.

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