European scrutiny inquiry - oral evidence

12 June 2013

Witnesses:  Professor Simon Hix, London School of Economics

8 May 2013

Witnesses: Sir Jon Cunliffe CB, UK Permanent Representative to the EU, Simon Manley CMG, Director, Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

24 April 2013

Witness:  Robin Elias, Managing Editor, ITV News, John McAndrew, Associate Editor, Sky News

 13 March 2013

Witness: David Keighley, Newswatch

6 March 2013

Witnesses: Chris Bryant MP, Martin Horwood MP, Andrea Leadsom MP; Richard Bacon MP, Robert Broadhurst, Senior Researcher to the European Research Group, and Chris Heaton-Harris MP

13 February 2013

Witness: Gisela Stuart MP

6 February 2013

Witnesses: Ric Bailey, Chief Adviser, Politics, BBC, Mary Hockaday, Head of Newsroom, BBC, and Peter Knowles, Controller, BBC Parliament

16 January 2013

Witnesses: Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith MP, David T. C. Davies MP, and Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP

12 December 2012

Witnesses: Dr Katrin Auel, Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Dr Julie Smith, Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge, and Dr Ariella Huff, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge

28 November 2012

Witnesses: James Brokenshire MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Crime and Security, Home Office, Kenny Bowie, Head of the Opt-In and Treaties Team, and Fiona Fraser, Legal Adviser

31 October 2012

Witnesses:  Rt Hon David Lidington MP, Minister for Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Jill Morris, Additional Director, Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Ivan Smyth, Legal Counsellor with Joint Responsibility for the EU and Wider Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office