Are changes needed to objectives underpinning carbon budgets?

11 June 2013

The Environmental Audit Committee will hold its second public evidence hearing on it Progress on Carbon Budgets inquiry, at 2.10 pm on Wednesday 12 June  in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.

In this session the Committee will look at recent developments in climate change science to assess whether changes are needed to the objectives underpinning the Carbon Budgets regime:

  • Audrey Meyer will discuss the extent to which climate 'feedbacks' are incorporated into the modelling of emissions underpinning the Climate Change Act and Carbon Budgets
  • Profressor Andrew Shepherd will discuss the latest Cryosat2 data on Arctic ice volume loss. Professor Myles Allen will discuss 'climate sensitivity' and the recent slowdown in global temperatures rises, and the implications of cumulative carbon emissions on the global carbon budget
  • Professor Julia Slingo and Dr Jason Lowe will discuss the above issues and provide an update on the Met office's latest climate change research


At 2.10pm

  • Aubrey Meyer, Global Commons Institute

At c2.45

  • Professor Andrew Shepherd, University of Leeds
  • Professor Myles Allen, University of Oxford

At c3.20

  • Professor Julia Slingo, Chief Scientist, Met Office
  • Dr Jason Lowe, Head of Knowledge Integration and Mitigation Advice, Met Office

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