Evidence begins on inquiry into Marine Protected Areas

31 January 2014

The first public hearing on this inquiry will be held on Wednesday 5 February at 2.15 pm in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.

 Purpose of session

The Environmental Audit Committee will be examining the plans for implementing the 27 so far approved Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), which are aimed at protecting the marine environment. In this session the Committee will be asking how social, economic and environmental factors should be taken into account in considering further potential MCZs.


at c2.15 pm (Panel 1)

Wildlife and Countryside Link:

  • Joan Edwards, Head of Living Seas at the Wildlife Trust and Chair of Wildlife and Countryside Link's Marine Working Group
  • Tom Hooper, Head of Marine, RSPB
  • Melissa Moore, Senior Policy Officer, Marine Conservation Society

at c3.00 pm (Panel 2)

  • Dr Russell Wynn, National Oceanography Centre
  • Dr Matt Frost, Deputy Director, Marine Biological Association
  • Dr Steve Widdicombe, Head of Science, Marine Life Support System, Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Further information

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