Evidence Session: HS2 and the Environment

13 March 2014

The Environmental Audit Committee will hold its first public evidence hearing on the HS2 and the Environment inquiry at 2.15 pm on Tuesday 18 March 2014 in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.

The Committee will hear from:

At c2.15 pm

  • Joe Rukin, Stop HS2
  • Councillor Nick Rose, 51m
  • Emma Crane, HS2 Action Alliance
  • Jim Steer, Director, Greengauge 21

At c2.55 pm

  • Ralph Smyth, Senior Transport Campaigner, Campaign to Protect Rural England
  • Richard Barnes, Woodland Trust
  • Henry Robinson, President, Country Land & Business Association

At c3.35 pm

  • Rob Cooke, Land Use Director, Natural England
  • Roy Stokes, HS2 Project Manager, Environment Agency

The Committee will be examining route-wide environmental aspects of HS2, including how these have been addressed in the Environmental Statement. It will look at the overarching systems and processes which will guide how environmental considerations will be taken into account in the detailed routing of the track and in the use of local environmental protection measures, as well as how such protection measures will be planned and implemented and how ‘biodiversity offsetting’ might operate.

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