Plastic bags inquiry continues

03 January 2014

The Environmantel Audit Committee will hold a second hearing on the Plastic bags inquiry at 2.30 pm on Wednesday 8 January in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.

Purpose of session

This is the second session in the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into the Government’s proposed 5p charge for single-use plastic carrier bags in England. In December the Committee heard from litter campaigners, retailers, the plastics industry, independent experts, the Welsh Government and Defra about the Government’s proposals. This session looks in more detail at the Government’s proposal to exempt biodegradable bags from the charge in England.

The Committee will hear evidence about different ways of measuring biodegradability, the environmental impact of different biodegradable materials, and the potential impact these could have on the plastics recycling stream and UK jobs.


At c2.30 pm

  • Mike Baxter, British Polythene Industries Ltd. (BPI)
  • David Newman, The Italian Association of Bioplastics, and The Italian Composting Association
  • Michael Stephen, Chairman, Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics Association (OPA)
  • Professor Richard Thompson, Plymouth University
  • Jessica Baker, CEO, Chase Plastics

Further information

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