Energy Minister Michael Fallon gives evidence on energy subsidies

25 October 2013

The Environmental Audit Committee will hold its fifth and final public evidence hearing on Energy subsidies in the UK on Wednesday 30 October.


At 2.15 pm, Wednesday 30 October 2013, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

  • Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Minister for  Energy, Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Patrick Erwin, Head, EMI Strategy and Programme Office.
  • David Godfrey, Chief Executive, UK Export Finance
  • Helen Dickinson, Deputy Director, Environment & Transport, HM Treasury
  • Josceline Wheatley, Acting Head, Climate and Environment Department, DFID

Purpose of session

This is the final session on this inquiry. The Committee will examine the Energy Minister and officials also from the Treasury, DfID and UK Export Finance on how the Government defines energy subsidies in the context of new nuclear and other energy sectors, and the role of energy subsidies in supporting action on ‘fuel poverty’. The session comes in the wake of the Government’s announcement on 21 October of the deal negotiated for Hinkley Point nuclear power station, and the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 October of a review on ‘green levies’ subsumed in energy bills.

Further information

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