Sustainable Development Goals in the UK follow-up inquiry launched

01 August 2018

The Environmental Audit Committee holds a one-off evidence session this autumn following up on its report The Sustainable Development Goals in the UK. This will be the first annual hearing on the Government’s domestic progress against the Sustainable Development Goals.

In its response to the Committee’s report, the Government has committed to undertaking a Voluntary National Review of the UK’s progress in 2019. Earlier this year UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development published a report concluding that the UK is performing well against 24% of the Goals. The report said the UK rates “amber or red” on nutrition targets under SDG2 (End Hunger in all its Forms).

Chair's comments

Mary Creagh MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee:

“The Sustainable Development Goals provide the Government with a global vision for sustainability in the UK. The Goals cover vital issues such as eradicating poverty, violence and hunger, and taking action on climate change and gender equality.

My Committee will examine what the Government has done to meet their commitments under the Goals, using its work on Goal 2 – ending hunger in all its forms – as an example.”

The Committee is inviting written submissions ahead of the hearing. These should be submitted by 5 pm on Thursday 13 September. Written submissions can be submitted through the inquiry page. Submissions should focus on:

  • What steps the Government has taken to achieve the Goals;
  • What steps the Government has taken since the Committee’s report to better mainstream the Sustainable Development Goals into its programme;
  • How this is reflected in Single Department Plans and departmental reporting;
  • Whether the Government has done more since the Committee’s report to raise awareness of the SDGs especially amongst children and young people;
  • What preparations are underway for the Voluntary National Review process, and how will the outcomes and impacts be measured;
  • Whether the Government can be said to have an action plan on the SDGs;
  • How does the Government take its commitment under the SDGs to address food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms into account when developing policy on food; is there the data to effectively measure progress against these commitments?

Further information

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