Committee launch Sustainability and HM Treasury inquiry

18 December 2015

The Environmental Audit Committee calls for written evidence on the role of HM Treasury in relation to sustainable development and environmental protection. This follows on from work done by the previous Committee looking at Sustainability and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Home Office and the National Health Service.

Earlier this year, the Committee also commissioned a report from the National Audit Office, looking at the extent to which the Spending Review process allows the Government to make well-informed decisions in respect of the environment and sustainable development. The National Audit Office will publish their report next summer and its findings will be considered by the Committee as part of this inquiry.

The Committee is calling for written evidence on some or all of the following points no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, 18 February 2016.

Departmental Aims

  • Does HM Treasury play a constructive role in developing and implementing Government policies to protect the environment and respond to climate change? What might it do differently?
  • What steps should HM Treasury take to incorporate meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as they apply to the UK, into future budgetary cycles and spending reviews and mainstream them across Government?

Methods of Analysis

  • Do HM Treasury’s methods for appraisal and analysis, including its decision-making horizons, the Green Book and the use of discount rates, take adequate account of long-term, global and environmental factors? What are the implications for policy decisions across Government?
  • Should any HM Treasury policies or processes should be changed in response to the work and recommendations of the Natural Capital Committee?

HM Treasury and “Green Growth”

  • What is HM Treasury’s understanding of the relationship between environmental policy and growth? Is HM Treasury receptive to new evidence on this?
  • To what extent has HM Treasury evaluated the business case for increasing investment in environmental and low-carbon goods and services in the UK? Is its approach consistent with other Government departments?

The word limit is 3,000 words.

Send written submissions using the form available on the inquiry page 

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