Huw Irranca-Davies to stand down as Chair

20 January 2016

Huw Irranca-Davies MP will stand down as Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee on Monday 25 January. An election to replace him will take place in the coming weeks; details of the timetable for that process will be announced by the Speaker in due course.

Quote from the Chair

Environmental Audit Committee, Huw Irranca-Davies MP:  

In leaving Parliament to run for the Welsh Assembly, I am sad to be stepping down as Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee. It was an honour to be elected Chair of Parliament’s cross-party green watchdog and I would like to thank my colleagues on the Committee for their hard work since the election. 

In the brief time I have been on the Environmental Audit Committee we have had a major impact; raising important questions about diesel emissions, the privatisation of the Green Investment Bank, and the environmental impact of Heathrow expansion.
The UK faces some pressing challenges on harmful pollutants, climate change and the protection of the natural world. Air quality is unacceptably poor in many of our cities. The Government’s recent policy reversals on energy and climate change need careful scrutiny. And we are still not doing enough to protect our precious biodiversity.

The next Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee will be elected by the whole House in the coming weeks. Whoever wins that election will join a terrific team of talented MPs from all sides of the House. I wish them the very best in the vital work of holding the Government and its public bodies to account on their environmental track record.


Under the rules of the House, the election will be held no earlier than 10 sitting days after the Speaker announces the chair is vacant. Select committee chairs are allocated according to party in each Parliament and only Labour MPs can currently stand for the Chair of the EAC. Candidates require 15 signatures from their own party to be nominated.

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