Environmental Audit Committee

The Changing Arctic inquiry

Scope of the inquiry

The Environmental Audit Committee launched an inquiry into the rapid changes in the Arctic. The Arctic is undergoing profound changes as a result of climate change. It is warming almost twice as fast as the global average. Recent research also suggests microplastic and plastic pollution is an increasing problem.

Terms of reference: The Changing Arctic

Latest evidence

  • 11 Jul 2018 - The Changing Arctic - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF286 KB) HC 842 | Published 11 Sep 2018

    Evidence given by Henry Burgess, Head of the Arctic Office, British Antarctic Survey, Professor Duncan Wingham, NERC Executive Chair, Natural Environment Research Council, Richard Powell, University Lecturer and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge; Edda Falk, Communications Manager, Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators, Michael Kingston, Lawyer, Specialist Advisor to the Arctic Council, Advisor to Lloyd’s of London, Dr Dmitry Yumashev, Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University Management School

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