Environmental Audit Committee

Planetary Health inquiry

Inquiry status: open - accepting written submissions

Scope of the inquiry

The Environmental Audit Committee will investigate the effect of environmental damage and climate change on health. The inquiry will examine this emerging field, including the use of technology to mitigate risks, global interdisciplinary collaborations, and action taken by the UK Government. The Committee is particularly interested in the risks relating to nutrition for UK and global human populations.

Terms of reference: Planetary Health Send a written submission

Latest evidence

  • 29 Jan 2019 - Planetary health - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF324 KB) HC 1803 | Published 31 Jan 2019

    Evidence given by Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Director, Oxford Martin School, Professor Claire Heffernan, Director and Professor of International Development, Royal Veterinary College, Dr Philip Thornton, Flagship Leader and Principal Scientist, CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food SecurityDr Sonja Vermeulen, Associate Fellow, Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy, Chatham House, Professor Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City, University of London, Judith Batchelar, Director of Sainsbury’s Brand, Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, J Sainsbury’s PLC, Simon Billing, Executive Director, Eating Better

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