Environmental Audit Committee

Planetary Health inquiry

Inquiry status: open - accepting written submissions

Scope of the inquiry

The Environmental Audit Committee will investigate the effect of environmental damage and climate change on health. The inquiry will examine this emerging field, including the use of technology to mitigate risks, global interdisciplinary collaborations, and action taken by the UK Government. The Committee is particularly interested in the risks relating to nutrition for UK and global human populations.

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Latest evidence

  • 02 Apr 2019 - Planetary health - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF380 KB) HC 1803 | Published 04 Apr 2019

    Evidence given by Sir Patrick Vallance, Government Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health and Social Care, Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Advisor, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Professor Charlotte Watts, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Development, and Professor Phil Blythe, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport; Dr Thérèse Coffey MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and David Rutley MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Kit Malthouse MP, Minister of State for Housing, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Jonathan Marron, Director General, Community and Social Care, Department for Health and Social Care, and Professor Paul Cosford, Director of Health Protection and Medical Director, Public Health England (at 11.15am).

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