Environmental Audit Committee

Flooding: Cooperation Across Government inquiry

Scope of the inquiry

Following another winter of severe UK floods, EAC is launching an inquiry into Government policy and action on flooding. We will be focusing on whether the Government’s approach is ‘joined-up’, and the extent to which cooperation across Government on this matter is successful.
As part of the inquiry we will be using the resilience of UK infrastructure as a case study. We will use this to investigate issues such as: how Government departments and public bodies can better cooperate to offer coherent policy and action on flooding; what the strengths and weaknesses of the Government’s current approach are; and what is required from Government to ensure that the UK’s development is sustainable and best-placed to face future floods.
We are not issuing a formal call for written evidence for this inquiry. However, if you would like to submit evidence relating to cooperation across Government regarding flooding, please contact the Committee team on eacom@parliament.uk.


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