Sustainable Development in the Localism Bill - further information

Report and Government Response

Oral evidence

The transcript of these sessions are published with the Report.

 Wednesday 16 February 2011


Panel 1:

  • Dr Hugh Ellis, Chief Planner, Town and Country Planning Association,
  • Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Planning Policy Advisor,  Friends of the Earth; and
  • Fiona Howie, Head of Planning, Campaign to Protect Rural England

Panel 2:

  • Steve Quartermain, Chief Planner, Department for Communities and Local Government;
  • Stephanie Hurst, Deputy Director: Planning - Environment, Department for Communities and Local Government;
  • Michael Bingham, Deputy Head, Planning - Development Management; Department for Communities and Local Government; and
  • Robert Ledsome, Deputy Director, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Department for Communities and Local Government

Terms of reference

The Environmental Audit Committee is announcing a one-off evidence session on the Government’s intention to introduce a ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’. This was part of the Coalition-Government’s proposal to reform the planning system but this is not included in the Bill. Instead the Government has announced that the ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ will be included in a new overarching Government planning policy document, the National Planning Policy Framework, which will not be subject to Parliamentary debate.