Progress on Carbon Budgets - further information

Further information of the Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry into Progress on Carbon Budgets

Call for Evidence

Written Evidence

Oral Evidence

Thursday 16 May 2013


  • Professor James Hansen, Columbia University
  • Professor Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Wednesday 12 June 2013


Panel 1:

  • Aubrey Meyer, Global Commons Institute

Panel 2:

  • Professor Andrew Shepherd, University of Leeds
  • Professor Myles Allen, University of Oxford

Panel 3:

  • Professor Julia Slingo, Chief Scientist, Met Office
  • Dr Jason Lowe, Head of Knowledge Integration and Mitigation Advice, Met Office

Wednesday 3 July 2013


  • David Kennedy, Chief Executive, Committee on Climate Change

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Department of Energy and Climate Change


  • Rt Hon Greg Barker MP, Minister of State for Climate Change
  • Ravi Gurumurthy, Director of Strategy
  • Ben Golding, Deputy Director of Strategy