Energy Intensive Industries Compensation Scheme-further information

Further information of the Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry into the Energy Intensive Industries Compensation Scheme.

Report and Government Response

Call for Evidence

Oral Evidence

The transcript of the session is published with the Report.

Tuesday 4 December


Panel 1:

  • Damien Morris, Senior Policy Advisor, Sandbag
  • Dimitri Zenghelis, Senior Visiting Fellow, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change,London School of Economics
  • Simon Bullock, Senior Campaigner, Policy and Research Unit, Friends of the Earth
  • Alex Kazaglis, Senior Analyst—Energy Use in Buildings & Industry, Committee on Climate Change Secretariat

Panel 2:

  • Dr Laura Cohen, Chief Executive, British Ceramic Confederation
  • Jeremy Nicholson, Director, Energy Intensive Users’ Group
  • Gareth Stace, Head of Climate & Environment Policy, EEF
  • Philip Pearson, Senior Policy Officer, TUC

Panel 3:

  • Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise
  • Paul Drabwell, Head of Domestic Energy and Climate Change, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills