Marine Policy Statement

25 October 2010

MPs announce short inquiry into proposed policies for UK marine area

Marine Policy Statement

The draft Marine Policy Statement (MPS) sets out “the policy objectives that will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in the United Kingdom marine area”. The public consultation on the draft MPS ended on 13th October 2010 and DEFRA undertook to provide the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee with the responses to assist it in undertaking a short inquiry into the MPS.

Terms of Reference:
The Committee considered the following questions:
1. Does the draft MPS clearly explain the purpose and scope of the MPS and how it interacts with existing and emerging planning systems
2. Does the draft MPS clearly state the vision and how it will be achieved? Are the high level principles and environmental, social and economic considerations to be taken into account in marine planning clearly expressed? 3. Does the draft MPS provide a clear statement of policy objectives for the marine environment? Are the key impacts, pressures and issues for consideration in marine planning appropriately identified?
4. Do the general principles set out in the draft MPS form a coherent, appropriate, proportionate and practical framework for decision-making in the UK marine area?
5. Have issues or principles which should have been included in the MPS been left out?

The Committee did not seek further written submissions in addition to the consultation responses sent to the Department.

For further details about this inquiry, please contact Richard Cooke on 020 7219 3263. Information about the Committee can be found at:

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