MPs to take evidence on flood insurance and defence

20 December 2012

On 28 November the Committee wrote to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs seeking answers on progress towards providing insurance to properties at flood risk once the Statement of Principles ends in 2013. MPs also asked the Minister whether recent decisions about funding for flood defence schemes had left any communities more exposed to flood risk than under the previous arrangements.

The Committee is today publishing Owen Patterson’s reply which states that the future of flood insurance is a priority for this Government and that tackling flood risk remains the most effective ways of keeping insurance terms affordable in the long term.  The Secretary of State also notes that the funding arrangements for flood defences are fulfilling aims of encouraging more external investment and giving local people more choice in how their community is protected.

The Committee will be holding oral evidence sessions in the New Year to look in more detail at spending on flood defences and insurance provision, in view of the importance of minimising flood risk to communities across the country and ensuring affordable flood insurance cover is maintained.

Further details of sessions will be published in January 2013.

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