Anne Mcintosh comments about the EU impasse over the use of cloned livestock in food production

30 March 2011

The Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee (in the UK parliament) notes the inability of the European Council and the European Parliament to reach a common position over the use of cloning technology in food production, which has resulted in the loss of the entire Novel Foods regulation.

Commenting on this Anne McIntosh MP, Chair of EFRA Committee says, "This is a deeply undesirable situation, resulting in a lack of clarity for both producers and consumers. It has additional implications for the use of other technologies that would be regulated under the proposed Novel Foods regulation."

"It is essential that progress is made to put in place effective and up-to-date regulation for novel foods, including cloning."

"We encourage the European Council and Parliament to continue to work towards reaching a common position, commissioning additional research as required. It must be hoped that the Commission will bring forward swiftly a new set of workable propoals for a Novel Food regulation."


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