MPs express concern over scale of ‘cruel’ puppy smuggling trade

04 November 2019

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has today written to the Secretary of State for Defra to express their concerns over the Government’s commitment to halting the illegal puppy smuggling trade.

Chair of the Committee Neil Parish MP said:

 “The evidence we have heard so far has highlighted both the scale and the profitability of this cruel illegal trade.

“The Committee has some serious questions about the Government’s commitment to stopping the puppy smuggling trade.

“It is clear that the current pet travel regulations are being regularly abused. Given that very few people have a need to travel with five dogs at any one time, this needs to be changed.

“The Committee feels that the current border controls and enforcement are inadequate. Without effective checks and penalties, this trade will continue to exist to the detriment of the entire dog population.”

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Image: David Fisher/Wikimedia Commons

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