Flood management: MPs visit projects in the Netherlands

Floating homes in Amsterdam: how the Dutch cope with living below sea-level
06 June 2016

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee visits the Netherlands to view Dutch flood management projects on Wednesday 8 June.

Purpose of the visit

Following severe flooding in parts of northern England around Christmas, earlier this year MPs launched an inquiry into how floods can be better prevented and their impacts managed.

This visit is to provide evidence for the inquiry on how the Netherlands copes with the flood risk which threatens some 11 million Dutch people.

EFRA Committee talk to farmers near Boxtel, Netherlands

EFRA Committee talk to farmers about natural flood management, near Boxtel, Netherlands

Chair's comment:

Neil Parish MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

"Two thirds of the Dutch population and half of this low-lying country is at risk from flooding from rivers or the sea. The Dutch public takes flood risk very seriously and significant sums are invested in protecting people. The Committee is visiting key projects across the Netherlands to see how Dutch flood management works in practice.

Whether it is creating a wider floodplain on the river Waal, developing resilient buildings such as floating homes in Amsterdam, or building with nature to integrate homes and wetlands in Dordrecht, the Dutch have taken many innovative approaches to adapt to flood risk.

England and the Netherlands face very different flooding challenges, with different solutions needed. But we want to see what lessons there could be for English policy-makers from Dutch projects such as the "Making room for the river" and the Delta programmes."

Further information

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