Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Food waste in England inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Report published 30 April 2017.

Due to the general election on 8 June 2017 the Committee has now closed this inquiry, Government responses to committee reports may be published in the next Parliament.

Report published

Scope of the inquiry

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee launches an inquiry into the economic, social, and environmental impact of food waste in England.

In the UK, approximately 8 million tonnes of food is wasted post-manufacture, including households, retail and wholesale and hospitality/food sector. 60% of this could have been avoided. This has an annual value of approximately £16 billion a year.

Although food waste occurs at all stages of the supply chain (and some food waste is avoidable), 85% of food waste post-manufacture comes from our homes. Research shows that the average family (i.e. a household containing children) spends £700 a year on food that is wasted.

Terms of reference: Food waste in England


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