Farming in the Uplands - further information

Background to inquiry

The Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) published its comprehensive report on the future of England’s upland communities—“High ground, high potential”—earlier this year. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee undertook a short inquiry into this report, before the abolition of the CRC, focussing on the issues facing farmers in the uplands and their views on the CRC’s recommendations.

The Committee sought evidence from interested parties and invited submissions on:

  • the issues facing farmers in the uplands;
  • the farming communities’ response to the CRC’s recommendations outlined in their report “High ground, high potential”.

Report and Government Response

The Report was published on Wednesday 16 February 2011 and the Government Response was published on Wednesday 4 May 2011:

Vol I - Report and oral evidence and printed written evidence (html version)   (pdf version)

Virtual Vol II - Additional written evidence received (html version)  (pdf version)

4th Special Report - Farming in the Uplands: Government response to the Committee's Third Report of Session 2010-11 (html version)  (pdf version)

Oral evidence

The transcripts of the sessions listed below are published with the Report.

Wednesday 27 October 2010  (Webcast of session on Parliament Live TV) 

Oral evidence from Commission for Rural Communities


Wednesday 10 November 2010  (Webcast of session on Parliament Live TV)

Oral evidence from Tenant Farmers Association; National Farmers’ Union and Country Land and Business Association; and  English National Park Authorities Association


Wednesday 17 November 2010   (Webcast of session on Parliament Live TV) 

Oral evidence from Jim Paice MP, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food

Call for evidence