Implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy: Domestic Fisheries Management - further information

Background to inquiry

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee held two sessions on aspects of Defra’s domestic fisheries management within the framework of the current Common Fisheries Policy. 

In particular, the Committee considered the following issues:

  • Is the current quota management system fit for purpose and how might it be improved?
  • Are the current arrangements fair to small-scale fisheries?
  • Is Defra taking all possible steps to reduce the level of discards?

Report and Government Response

The Report was published on 3 June 2011 and the Government Response was published on 15 September 2011:

Vol I - Report and oral evidence and printed written evidence (html version)   (pdf version)

Virtual Vol II - Additional written evidence received (html version)  (pdf version)

6th Special Report - Implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy: Domestic Fisheries Management: Government response to the Committee's Sixth Report of Session 2010-12 (html version)  (pdf version) 

Oral evidence

The transcripts of the oral evidence sessions are published with the Report.

Call for evidence