Role - Energy and Climate Change Committee

Welcome to the Energy and Climate Change Committee.

The Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and its associated public bodies. It has 11 Members and is chaired by Angus MacNeil MP.

The Committee determines its own subjects or inquiry. When the Committee has chosen an inquiry it normally issues a press notice outlining the main themes of interest and inviting stakeholders to submit written evidence. The Committee may also identify possible witnesses and issue specific invitations to them to submit written evidence. Depending on the subject, external deadlines, and the amount of oral evidence the Committee decides to take, an inquiry may last for several months and give rise to a report to the House. Other inquiries may simply consist of a single day’s oral evidence which the Committee may publish without making a report.

The Committee's meetings are generally on Tuesday mornings and are open to everyone, including press. Space is limited and places cannot be booked in advance. Details about individual meetings, including location, can be found in the next meetings section of the Committee's homepage.

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