Further evidence: impact of potential Scottish independence on climate change

20 April 2012

The Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold its second public evidence session on ‘The impact of potential Scottish independence on energy and climate change’.

The meeting will take place at 10.15 am on Tuesday 24 April 2012 in Committee Room 17, Palace of Westminster.

Who will give evidence?

At 10.15 am approx

  • Peter Atherton, Head of European Utility Sector Research, Citigroup Global Markets
  • Dr David Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Technologies Institute
  • Dr Brian Tilley, Strategy and Stakeholder Co-ordination Manager, E.ON-UK
  • Robert Yates, Director, Mercados EMI
  • Duncan Burt, Customer Services Manager,National Grid

Timings are approximate.

Which topics will be covered?

  • Investment, particularly in renewable technologies;
  • The future of Carbon Capture and Storage;
  • Energy security and cross-border markets; and 
  • Whether oil and gas revenues could accrue to the Scottish government if Scotland became independent, and the workability of creating an ‘oil fund’ or ‘sovereign wealth fund’ for Scotland.

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