MPs take evidence on IPCC 5th Assessment Review

28 January 2014

The Energy and Climate Change Committee holds its first evidence session into the IPCC 5th Assessment Review on Tuesday 28 January 2014 in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House.


Panel 1 at 9.30am:

  • Prof. Sir Brian Hoskins, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London
  • Prof. Myles Allen, Oxford University
  • Dr. Peter Stott, Met. Office

Panel 2 at 10.30am:

  • Donna Laframboise, author
  • Nicholas Lewis, climate researcher
  • Prof. Richard Lindzen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Timings are approximate.

Purpose of the session

Topics being examined include:

  • IPCC AR5 key findings on climate change;
  • Consensus and uncertainty about climate change;
  • Reliability of climate models used by the IPCC;
  • Areas of scrutiny (climate sensitivity, the hiatus etc.); and
  • The structure and practices of the IPCC.

Further information

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