Consumption-based emissions reporting

12 January 2012

The Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold the second oral evidence session of its inquiry Consumption-based emissions reporting at 10.20 am on Tuesday 17 January 2012 in Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster.


Who will give evidence?

Panel 1 at 10.20 am

  • Guy Shrubsole, Director, Public Interest Research Centre
  • Chris Tuppen, Director, Aldersgate Group
  • Keith Allott, Head of Climate Change, WWF-UK
  • Eric Lounsbury, Associate Director, Carbon Trust

Panel 2 at 11.20 am

  • Richard Leafe, Chief Executive, Lake District National Park
  • Wendy Benson, Principal Advisor, West Sussex County Council
  • Richard Sharland, Head of Environmental Strategy, Manchester City Council
  • Michael Berners-Lee, Director, Small World Consulting

Timings are approximate.


Which issues will be covered?

  • the UK’s responsibility for emissions embedded in imported goods and services;
  • the business and investment incentives generated when emissions are measured on a consumption-basis;
  • local government experiences with consumption-based carbon targets; and
  • the types of policies that a consumption-based approach can generate, and the extent to which they would be applicable at a national-level.

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