Consumption-Based Emissions Reporting: first evidence session

24 November 2011

The Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold the first oral evidence session of its inquiry Consumption-based emissions reporting at 10.15 am on Tuesday 29 November 2011 in Committee Room 18, Palace of Westminster.


Who will give evidence?

At 10.15 am approx:

  • Dr Alice Bows, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester
  • Elena Dawkins, Stockholm Environment Institute, and
  • Professor John Barrett, University of Leeds

At 11.15 am approx:

  • Jeremy Nicholson, EEF
  • Ian Rogers, UK Steel
  • Fergus McReynolds, Energy Intensive Users Group
  • Dr Richard Leese, Minerals Products Association

Timings are approximate.


What subjects will be covered?

  • Differences in assessment of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions when measured on a consumption rather than a production basis;
  • Methodologies for measuring emissions on a consumption rather than production basis; 
  • the benefits and disadvantages associated with taking a consumption-based rather than production-based approach to greenhouse gas emissions accounting;
  • whether there any evidence of industry relocating from the UK to other countries as a result of UK climate change policy; and
  • the potential implications at the international level of the UK adopting a consumption- rather than production-based approach to greenhouse gas emissions accounting.

Image: iStockphoto

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