Ofsted, Ofqual and Institute for Apprenticeships discuss apprenticeship changes

13 October 2016

The Education, Skills and the Economy Committee questions senior officials from Ofsted, Ofqual and the Institute for Apprenticeships on the Government’s ongoing changes to funding, administration and standards as part of its Apprenticeships inquiry.


Wednesday 19 October 2016, Committee room 5, Palace of Westminster

From 2.30pm

  • Sally Collier, Chief Regulator, Ofqual
  • Paul Joyce, Deputy Director for FE and Skills, Ofsted
  • Peter Lauener, Shadow Chief Executive, Institute for Apprenticeships

Focus of the session

Paul Joyce, Deputy Director of FE and Skills at Ofsted, and Sally Collier, Chief Regulator at Ofqual, will be joined by Peter Lauener, Shadow Chief Executive at the recently-established Institute for Apprenticeships.

The Committee intends to ask about the Government’s ongoing changes to standards and assessment, and the quality of training provision within the system. It also focuses on the Institute for Apprenticeships relationship with Government and other stakeholders.

Further information

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