Services for young people - oral evidence session

25 March 2011

Education Committee continues its inquiry into services for young people on Wednesday 30 March at 9.30 am in the Wilson Room, Portcullis House

This is the fourth session in the Committee’s inquiry into Services for Young People. In the first the Committee heard from national agencies representing youth services and young people, in the second from universal and targeted service providers and some young users, and in the third from academics, Ofsted, and local authority heads of youth services.

The aim of today’s first panel is to examine the composition and effectiveness of the young people’s workforce, including the recruitment, training and qualification framework for youth workers and other staff working with young people, including volunteers. The second panel will explore possible alternative sources and models of funding for the youth sector, in the context of changing funding structures from central and local government.


At 9.30 am

  • Doug Nicholls, National Secretary, Community and Youth Workers Union in Unite;
  • Jane Haywood, Chief Executive, Children’s Workforce Development Council;
  • Adam Nichols, Chief Executive, Changemakers; and
  • Gill Millar, Regional Youth Work Adviser, Learning South West

At 10.15 am

  • Bill Eyres, Head of Sustainability/Think Big, 02 UK;
  • Louise Savell, Associate Director, Social Finance;
  • Rob Bell, Head of Social Justice Programme, Paul Hamlyn Foundation; and
  • Martin Brookes, Chief Executive, New Philanthropy Capital

At 11.00 am

  • Paul Oginsky, Government Adviser on the National Citizen Service

Image: iStockphoto

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