Education Committee examines services for young people

04 May 2011

The Education Committee explores volunteering opportunities for young people and questions Government ministers as part of its final evidence session on services for young people.

The Committee is examining the provision of services beyond the school/college day for young people aged 1325.

Wednesday 4 May, Wilson Room, Portcullis House



  • Terry Ryall, Chief Executive, v [the National Young Volunteers’ Service]
  • Mohammed Ahmed, 'vinvolved' volunteer
  • Dan Allgood, 'vtalent' year volunteer


  • Tim Loughton MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families
  • Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society

Inquiry information

The first panel of witnesses will discuss volunteering opportunities for young people, in particular those organised by 'v', the National Young Volunteers’ Service.

The Committee will seek to explore with the second panel some of the key questions raised during the inquiry with the government ministers responsible for youth policy and volunteering.

This is the fifth and final session in the Committee’s inquiry. Previous sessions heard from: national agencies representing youth services and young people; universal and targeted service providers and some young users; academics, Ofsted, and local authority heads of youth services; representatives of the youth workforce and the charitable, private and social investment sectors about alternative funding sources and models.

Further information

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