Final School Partnerships and Cooperation session

27 June 2013

The Education Committee holds its final evidence session in its inquiry into School Partnerships and Cooperation on Wednesday 3 July.

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  • Witnesses

    Wednesday 3 July, Wilson Room, Portcullis House

    At 9.30am

    • Prof Sir George Berwick, Chief Executive, Challenge Partners
    • Kirston Nelson, Assistant Director for Education, Wigan Council
    • Sean Harford, Regional Director for East of England, Ofsted
    • Professor David Woods, Former Principal National Challenge Adviser for England

    At 10.30am

    • Lord John Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools
    • Andrew McCully, Director General, Infrastructure and Funding, Department for Education

    Purpose of the Session

    This is the second, and final, formal session of oral evidence in the Committee's inquiry into School Partnerships and Cooperation. The first aim of the session is to explore the structures needed to encourage a culture of school partnership, cooperation and collaboration. The second aim is to discuss to what extent these conditions are in place and what needs improvement.

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