Transforming education outside the classroom

22 October 2010

The Education Committee has published the responses from the Government and Ofsted to its predecessor Committee's report on transforming education outside the classroom

The Children, Schools and Families Committee, the predecessor Committee to the Education Committee, published a report in April 2010 revisiting a previous report on education outside the classroom.

Further information

The Education Committee publishes its Third Special Report (HC 525) at 11am on Monday 25 October 2010 (Transforming Education Outside the Classroom: Responses from the Government and Ofsted to the Sixth Report of the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2009–10).

The Special Report contains responses from the Government to the recommendations made by the predecessor of the Education Committee, the Children, Schools and Families Committee, in its Sixth Report of Session 2009–10, on Transforming Education Outside the Classroom, HC 418.

Hard copies of the Special Report will be sent by post to witnesses on Monday 25 October. Hard copies will be placed in the press gallery, House of Commons, at 11am on Monday 25 October.  

The report can also be ordered from The Stationery Office (tel: 0845 702 3474) or from the Parliamentary Bookshop (020 7219 3890), or can be viewed on the Committee’s website from 11am on Monday 25 October.

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