Online forum on services for young people launched

03 March 2011

The Commons Education Committee launches an online discussion with young people as part of its ongoing inquiry into Services for Young People.


The Committee has teamed up with leading online student community The Student Room to consult its 500,000 young members about which services they use. It wants to hear from young people aged 13 to 25 on subjects including what out-of-school activities they do, whether they volunteer, their views on a summer programme for 16-year olds and how they would spend the budget for young people in their area.

Committee Chair, Graham Stuart MP said:

"The Committee wants to consult those who really know which services are most important - young people. We are therefore delighted to be able to collaborate with The Student Room to seek the views of a wide range of young people across the country, and we urge young people to go online and contribute!"

Jamie O'Connell, Marketing Director for The Student Room said:

"There is a tremendous breadth of services for young people in the country, many of which provide a vital contribution to local communities and the contact that young people have with these organisations, and in some cases volunteers, can be life changing. We’re very pleased to help the Education Committee with this consultation and will encourage our diverse community to get involved."

How to get involved

The site will be live from 1600 on Wednesday 2 March and young people are encouraged to contribute by visiting;

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Transcript of video

Hello, my name is Graham Stuart I’m the Chair of the Education Select Committee in the House of Commons and our job is to scrutinise the Government, check what they’re doing on all policy matters to do with young people.

What I’m asking for today is help with an inquiry we are doing into youth services, so all the services provided to young people aged 13 to 25 outside of school.

We’d like to hear from you, what you do, what you volunteer for, whether you go to a youth club, whether you make music, whatever you’re involved in outside of school.

Tell us what you value, what you think is really good and needs to be protected and improved, what added role you could play in running things if you were given that opportunity and also whether there’s any service which you think are provided which could be stopped in order to protect other services.  

We have teamed up with the student room  to make sure that young people’s voices are heard in our inquiry and our idea is when we get the evidence from young people we will write a report which we will then submit to the Government and they’re obliged to reply to us within a certain time. So it’s an opportunity for you to influence us and then us to influence the Government.

Thank you all for your time

Further Information

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