Committee wants your twitter questions for Michael Gove evidence session

09 December 2013

What should the Committee ask Michael Gove about education or children's services?


On 18 December the Education Committee will hold an oral evidence session with Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education. MPs on the Committee want to ensure that their questions reflect the most pressing concerns in the world of education and children’s services.  They want to hear what questions you would put to the Mr Gove.

There will be four categories for questions: school places, children’s social care, careers guidance in schools and general questions.

Submit your question via Twitter between 11am on Monday 09 December and 5pm on Thursday 12 December. Please add hashtags as below:

  • #AskGove#places (for questions on school places)
  • #AskGove#care (for questions on children’s social care)
  • #AskGove#careers (for questions on careers)
  • #AskGove (for other questions)

Launching this conversation Graham Stuart, Chair of the Committee, said

“What do you think we should ask Mr Gove about careers guidance, school places and child protection? Or what matters most to you in education or children’s services? Tweet us the one question you want him to answer and remember to add the right hashtag.”

Watch out for the following tweets:

  • What should MPs ask Michael Gove about school places? #AskGove#places
  • What should MPs ask Michael Gove about children’s social care? #AskGove#care
  • What should MPs ask Michael Gove about careers? #AskGove#careers
  • What should MPs ask Michael Gove about education or children’s services? #AskGove

Further details of the session will be announced in due course

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