Further evidence into examination system for 15-19 Year olds

16 February 2012

The Education Committee holds an evidence session on Tuesday 21 February 2012 into the administration of examinations for 15–19 year olds in England.


At 9.30am

  • John Butterworth, Educational Writer and Chief Examiner on behalf of the Society of Authors
  • Paul Howarth, UK & International Managing Director, Nelson Thornes
  • Jacob Pienaar, Managing Director of Schools and Colleges, Pearson UK
  • Kate Harris, Managing Director, Education & Children’s Division, Oxford University Press

At 10.15am (approx)

  • Rod Bristow, President, Pearson UK, on behalf of Edexcel 
  • Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, OCR
  • Andrew Hall, Chief Executive Officer, AQA

Purpose of the session

In the first part of the session the Committee will explore the links between exam boards and publishers. With the second panel the Committee will consider key issues affecting public confidence in the exam system and how these might best be addressed.

Further Information

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