Evidence session: Attracting, Training and Retaining the Best Teachers

19 January 2012

The Education Committee holds an evidence session on Wednesday 25 January 2012.


Wednesday 25 January 2012, Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster

At 9.30am

  • Professor Chris Robertson, Head, Institute of Education, University of Worcester 
  • Dr Alison Kitson, Institute of Education, University of London

At approximately 10.10am

  • Mark Powell, Executive Director, Product Development, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors 
  • Mark Protherough, Executive Director, Learning and Professional Development, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • Christine Williams, Head, Global Membership, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

At approximately 10.50am

  • Dr Raphael Wilkins, President, College of Teachers
  • Matthew Martin, Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, College of Teachers 
  • Professor Derek Bell, Professor of Education, College of Teachers

Purpose of the session

As part of its inquiry into the training and supply of teachers, the Committee will consider proposals to institute a ‘chartered teacher’ scheme, alongside other issues of ongoing development and training for teachers. In the first panel, the Committee will consider CPD for teachers with two leading academics in the field.

In the second, representatives of three organisations will share their experiences of chartered status schemes. Finally, the Committee will hear from representatives of the College of Teachers who will outline their proposal for ‘Chartered Teacher’ status.

Further Information

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