Apprentices from Hull discuss apprenticeships and skills training

09 May 2018

The Education Committee hears from apprentices and a training provider from Hull, examining challenges in accessing and providing training in socially disadvantaged areas. 


Wednesday 9 May in Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Hannah Cuthbert, Business Administration Apprentice, University of Hull
  • Gavin Garner, Caretaker Apprentice, Hull City Council
  • Cheryl Sedgwick, Employer Liaison and Partnership Development Lead, Hull Training and Adult Education
  • Lisa Shepherdson, Deputy Manager, Hull Training and Adult Education

Purpose of the session

Questions are likely to focus on barriers faced by apprentices and how employers and providers can provide support. MPs may also ask about the effects of changes to the funding system for apprenticeships.

The inquiry

The inquiry is examining whether employers, learners and tax payers are getting value for the time and money invested in training, and whether more needs to be done to help people climb the ladder of opportunity that apprenticeships and training can offer. 

Further information

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