Budget announcement: Chair responds to Government's plans for schools

16 March 2016

Neil Carmichael MP, Chair of the Education Committee, has responded to today’s Budget announcement paving the way for all state schools in England to become academies by 2022.

Chair's comment

The Chair of the Education Committee said:

"Some academies are delivering great results for their pupils but in progressing to a fully academised system we must ensure all schools are properly held to account for their performance.  Multi-Academy Trusts already play a substantial role in our education system and they will be increasingly important as all state schools move to becoming academies.

MATs currently receive little scrutiny and in our inquiry we are determined to examine their performance, accountability, and governance. The Government will face significant challenges in implementing these proposals.

The drive to change school structures will pose particular issues for primary schools, where only around 15 per cent are currently academies. As a Committee we look forward to examining the full details of these proposals." 

Further information

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