Great teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best

Inquiry status: Inquiry concluded, Report (PDF) and Government Response (PDF) published

It is widely accepted that the quality of teachers is one of the most important factors in improving our education system. In this long inquiry, which heard evidence from a range of sources, the Education Committee examined the characteristics which define the best teachers, and at how to develop policies which will attract those candidates to the profession, train and develop them, and retain them.

The Committee published its report, 'Great teachers', on 25 April 2012. It includes a number of recommendations concerning the recruitment, training and retention of teachers which the Committee hopes will help to develop this valuable and vital profession. 

As ever, the Committee grounded its recommendations in the evidence it had heard, from a wide range of experts and stakeholders. The Inquiry received over 60 written submissions, and took oral evidence from a range of witnesses.

Additionally, the Committee held a number of other meetings or visits to inform its inquiry, including as part of a four-day trip to Singapore. Reports of those meetings and visits are annexed to the full report.