Chair comments on Premier League announcement on player salaries

06 April 2020

Chair's comments

Following a meeting of Premier League Shareholders and an announcement about player salaries, DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

“What the public wants to see is fairness. What’s been announced are no more than plans to ask players to defer taking their high salaries. That’s not a pay cut and what happens if they say no? What’s needed now is leadership from the Premier League and that’s not on offer today. 

“The position for non-playing staff who’ve been furloughed is no different today to that of yesterday. A promise of jam tomorrow won’t cut it when players go on earning their millions.

“What is welcome is the £125 million that’s going to help finance struggling clubs with some weeks, if not days, from going to the wall, and the welcome money that will help our NHS services.”

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